Why choose an APA firm?

Whether you advise, own or manage a company that wants to grow and lead the field, talking to one of our members is a great starting point.

Value for money

At a time when size often gets in the way of personal service, our members are different. Because they’re all medium-sized firms, they’re able to run their businesses extremely cost-effectively – and that’s reflected in their fees.

Wealth of experience

All our members have access to wide experience and financial expertise gained from working with all types and sizes of businesses - from start-ups to publicly quoted companies.

Comprehensive service

All our members have all the resources to provide a fully comprehensive service to meet any business need.

Active partners

You can expect the close, personal and active involvement of partners – whether your business is new, growing or well established.

International links

Our members have links with similar firms in the major business centres of the world - carefully selected for sharing our own high standards and values.

Quality people

Successful relationships built on mutual trust and respect only happen when the right people are assigned to the task. We employ the highest quality professional staff because of the advantages we offer – working to the highest technical standards, and with some of the country's most dynamic companies.

Prior to coming to an APA member firm, we had traditionally used a much larger firm of accountants and auditors in the UK. We were constantly disappointed and frustrated by personnel changes and consequent lack of continuity. Through the APA member firm team we receive a really reliable, consistent approach which has led to a far greater understanding of our business than we ever had from their predecessors. The firm has real gravitas and offers the same services as their larger competitors but with a more 'hands on' feel. Informal advice is always available and easily accessible with a human touch.