In my experience, this APA member firm has a comprehensive understanding of the position of individuals who are owner/managers of family businesses. Consequently, they have assisted far beyond the day-to-day business activities and helped in a variety of key areas such as tax planning, pensions, and strategic planning for the business.

I like the close, professional working relationship with individuals at this APA Member Firm. It reassures me that they fully understand my circumstances and aspirations. Their avoidance of jargon is also refreshing and again makes for better communication and understanding.


About the APA

Choosing the right accountant and business advisor is one of the most important decisions a business will make. It’s a choice that can have a profound effect on future success.

So it’s reassuring that our members are all well established and independent firms with all the resources and services you need to help you achieve your goals.
But what really distinguishes APA members is their high degree of commitment, personal service and active partner involvement in the areas where it counts.

They also have the experience, expertise and contacts - institutional and professional - to assist with every stage of raising finance … from advising on the right type through to flotation on the stock market.

Because our members are thoroughly familiar with the way that entrepreneurs think and work, they can act as the vital link between new or growing businesses and the city institutions.

And because they’re all medium-sized firms, you can be sure of getting a highly professional service at a very fair price.

APA values

All the members of our association share a commitment to this common set of values:

  • We recognise that every client is unique, with their own needs and demands
  • We clearly understand how entrepreneurs think and work
  • We’re committed to providing excellent value for money
  • We believe in the close, personal, active involvement of partners
  • We make life easier for financiers and clients
  • We believe that the quality of people counts
  • We provide the same level of service and attention to detail throughout our overseas network