The Association of Practicing Accountants

Looking for an accountant?

If you’ve sometimes found that size can get in the way of personal service, you’ll like the approach of our members.

As well established, independent and medium-sized firms, they’re able to run their businesses extremely cost-effectively. So you can be sure of getting value for money - a highly professional service at a very fair price.

But APA members also have all the resources, services, experience and expertise you need to help you achieve your business goals.

And you can expect commitment, personal service and active partner involvement in all the areas where it counts

Why choose an APA firm?

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Thinking about your career?

Not easy, is it? With well over a thousand training firms in the UK, it can be hard to decide where to apply for a training contract.

But more and more graduates are finding the quality and scope of training offered by medium sized firms of accountants hard to beat.

With exposure to a wide variety of clients and a far more personalised approach, you’ll gain experience that will open doors for you in all directions.

And you’ll find APA members all over the country - in London, major cities and county towns - many with opportunities to connect internationally.

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Influencing the Debate

The APA is a powerful voice for owner managed businesses and the real economy.

APA member firms work with over 14,000 of these entities from SMEs to those looking to float on the AIM market.  Our clients drive jobs and growth across the UK. Because of our close working relationship with them we are well placed to be able to speak out on the issues and challenges they face.

As well as making regular submissions to Government and Parliamentary enquiries we also survey owner managed businesses and present their views to policy makers, business bodies and the media.

You can read about the work we undertake on behalf of this important economic sector here:

Public Policy Work